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A photo album dedicated to revealing some of Red Rabbit Painting's most stunning transformations.

A variety of textures, colors, finishes, and moods, from rustic to polished, achieved with paints, glazes, and/or plasters, including Venetian plasters. These old-world finishes are completely unique, as no two rooms are the same. They breathe life into a space; bringing warmth and movement as they adapt to changing sunlight in the home.

A French term meaning "to deceive the eye." The goal of these clever artworks is to fool the viewer into believing that what they are seeing is actually there! (E.g., old posters nailed to walls, mouse-holes on baseboards, and even entire rooms with "stone" walls.)

Whether it's one wall or an entire room, murals can transport you into your own sanctuary; from a calming tropical bedroom sea-scape to a child's fantasy jungle room with all their favorite animals!


Using Chalk Paint, a new and versitile product taking the market by storm, cupboards can be completely refurbished to complement and enhance a kitchen, bathroom, or other space, often for nearly half the cost of refacing.

Beyond all in-home painting, transformations, finishes, and art, Red Rabbit Painting also offers custom canvases! Kirsten Pinkerton is an accomplished artist, available for commissioned portraits, paintings of animals and beloved pets, landscapes, and much more.

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